Meal Plan Subscription Service …coming soon!

Do you struggle with how to eat well? Are you lost at the store or confused by ingredient labels? Learn how to eat a real, whole plant based diet. We will provide you with the tools you need for success. Every week we will provide you with a weekly meal plan that includes a shopping list, recipes using easy to find ingredients at your grocer or farmer’s market, in-season eating ideas and videos to walk you through some of the recipes. You will also have access to a private facebook group. And best of all, Globally Delicious will always be there with you to answer any questions you may have!

What do we teach?

Private, hands on cooking parties and demonstrations. All private party menus include a review of spices and food of the region, and 3-4 recipes (appetizer, a main dish, dessert) and a special drink recipe. Each participant will prepare every recipe except as noted. Demonstrations are personalized for your group. We adjust to any location, group size and food requirements.

Popular menus

  • Thai One On
  • Ompah!
  • Sushi Party
  • Olé!
  • Customized menus available

Insured, 200 RYT Yoga Alliance, familiar with corporate settings, EEOC laws.
Always professional, appropriately dressed and focused on creating a positive experience for all attendees.

Meditation is a proven catalyst to eliminate stress, improve sleep and increase focus. A regular meditation practice improves mental, physical and emotional well being. Our team has been trained in traditional yoga meditation practices and yoga nidra. From small groups to corporate settings, we create meditation sessions that bring you to a place of calm, peace and mindfulness.

Terrie is passionate about teaching others how to live life healthier, happier and without limits. Terrie is a professional and polished speaker available for speaking engagements ranging from small intimate groups, to large retreats, corporate events and workshops.

Topics include nutrition, health and wellness, meditation, and motivation.

Popular topics include:

Love Your Diet Life

Real, whole, plant based diets are good for you, good for the animals and good for the environment. Learn how small changes can make a big impact. You will leave with a road map to a healthier life.

The Power of Gratitude

Learn how living from a place of gratitude will change your perspective of life, happiness and contentment. Walk away with tips on how to boost your self esteem, squash that negative inner voice, and become more mindful.

Kick Your Comfort Zone to the Curb

Life’s magic starts outside your comfort zone. Terrie’s travels have taught her that comfort zones are the handcuffs that hold us back. Take the leap and accept her challenge to burst (or even tiptoe) out of your routine.