We empower you with the tools to prepare whole, real, plant based food simply and deliciously. Live longer, healthier, happier lives by transforming your eating habits to focus on exciting, nutritious choices.  


Globally Delicious, an internationally acclaimed world cuisine educator, demystifies seemingly complicated dishes by teaching you the seasonings, ingredients and tastes that make each cuisine unique.

We will show you how to:

  • Add more spice and variety to your cooking  
  • Take simple ingredients and create delicious dishes
  • Make the most of your food by creating fabulous flavour combinations
  • Buy the best produce, how to store it, how to cook it and
  • Mix up left overs so they are never boring

Become Your Best Self

How To Store Produce 101

Make the most of your grocery dollar. Learn how to pick the best produce, and once you have it home, how to store it properly so it lasts as long as possible.

How To Eat The Rainbow

What does rainbow eating mean? When you look down at your plate you should see a variety of colours. Real, whole, plant-based food (sorry, Skittles don’t count!).

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